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Your Unique Life Combos

Every person has what I’m going to call “unique life combos.” I’ll describe these as; the facets of your life that make you who you are today. These may be a combination of experiences, jobs, things that you do every day, etc. These unique life combos give you a custom perspective of the world that likely only you can see. This can be extremely beneficial in so many instances.

We likely don’t even realize the benefits that we can offer others with our own combos. Our unique experiences and combinations can help others more easily accomplish things. Your combos might be the spark that is needed to move a business forward or the missing piece of an idea that makes it amazing!

You must continue to create these experiences that make up who you are, you may be able to connect the dots for things that don’t even exist yet. As Steve Jobs always eluded, we don’t know what we need, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Great innovators connect ideas from an assortment of fields. Do yourself a favor and don’t pigeon hole yourself. Try going to a conference that you never thought you’d attend, you never know, you might learn something or you may connect some dots. Either way, it’s not wasted because our brains love to learn.

This is your excuse to build experiences to better yourself. This is not an excuse to just travel and stay in a hotel room. You might want to visit a third world country to see how people live, walk the streets of London or drive across the country. The rule through these experiences is to keep your eyes open and take notes.

I am writing about this so we can have the confidence and understanding that we bring real potential to the table, no matter what circumstances we face or have faced, they could actually be beneficial. Your traumatic upbringing, divorce, or failed business may feel terrible but that could be a real positive combo for someone else. Your unique experiences could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

You have a unique perspective because of all of the different things that you do.

My ULC (fun acronym) might look something like this: ADHD (mental issue that provides unlimited energy but makes it difficult to focus), Terrible Student (not very good at studying topics that are not interesting to me), Non-drinker (perspective shift), Marketing (something I study), Apparel (my job), Music (a hobby), Church (a frequent volunteer and avid reader of the Bible), Family (I have a wife and daughter), Reading (I love to read and grow). This should help you get the idea. It’s not from one specific category but a lot of different categories that make us who we are.

What do those combos mean in your life? Comment below about your combos!

I encourage everyone to get into reading, it can be life changing. Here is a small reading list of some that I’ve enjoyed to get you started:

I’m writing tips each week for people aspiring to improve. These are not industry related but they generally have something to do with growing as a person or growing a business. My intention is to help others grow while growing myself. My book recommendation this week is “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss something, feel free to shoot me an email at

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