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Keep Grinding

I’d say this is as good of a time as ever to talk about grind. This is not about doing something that you don’t want to. This is about having a goal that you want to crush so bad that you can’t stop grinding. This can be a difficult space to get into and a lot of negatives and questions can float around to make you feel discouraged. We need to ignore the negatives and all of the circumstances that are out of our control. We need to put our head down and just go for it.

I feel this is a good time to discuss this as we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic. This is something that is scaring a lot of people and hurting or going to hurt a lot of small businesses and people. If you just started a business, it’s going to be even harder. This is a difficult type of circumstance to prepare for.

Let’s go over a couple stats.

90% of all first businesses fail. Wow, that number is staggering. That would make anyone nervous about going off on their own. I have a suspicion that this stat does not apply to just business but to life in general.

But the good news is, 90% of all second businesses succeed. Why is this? I’d say there are a few factors, but I’d argue the most important is that the people that succeed, know how to handle failure and hardship.

Joel Osteen has a very backwards quote that I find interesting as he speaks of businesses. “They failed to realize that they were a few no’s away from seeing their business succeed.” That’s crazy, right? It’s not crazy, I’m a firm believer that the harder the problem and taller the wall, the greater the success on the other side.

I ask you to take this as an opportunity. This may be a rough season but it will pass. It can be an event that will make you stronger instead of one that hurts you. Things will go back to what we consider normal but we have to stay positive and have faith that this too shall pass.

I encourage everyone to get into reading, it can be life changing. Here is a small reading list of some that I’ve enjoyed to get you started:

I’m writing tips each week for people aspiring to improve. These are not industry related but they generally have something to do with growing as a person or growing a business. My intention is to help others grow while growing myself. My book recommendation this week is “Love Does” by Bob Goff.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss something, feel free to shoot me an email at

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