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About Us

Quality, custom printing & advertising

We are driven by our customers... and coffee. 

We like working with people that share our values.  We are unique in the way that we work with people.  We provide an experience that is completely hands on and fun.  At Promotions Guy we strive for the best possible service and quality for all of our products.  This is the entire reason we implemented a Good, Better, Best program. The idea is to help our customers make simple decisions based on our recommendations. We only sell quality products.  If you are not happy with something, don't you worry your pretty little head, we will take care of it.


We look forward to adding you to our family and servicing your merchandising needs. 

Our Mission

We thrive on making sustainable promotional products commonplace. We keep these products out of landfills through education, design and by selling only the highest quality products on the planet.​

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