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The majority of our customers are in tourism (zoo's, aquariums, restaurants, etc.)

Why Work With Us?

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We are focused on awesome products that provide the best look for your brand.  Our focus is on sustainable products.  This is not only eco products, this includes products that have a good shelf life.  We are not interested in providing products that will add to the landfill. 

From screen printing to marketing, we work hard to make you look good.

Promotions and merchandising is so much more than slapping your logo on a pen and calling it a day.

We pride ourselves in thoughtfully branding your business to make every impression remarkable.

We have a passion for reducing waste in the print and promo industry by selling only quality products that people actually want to use.

So, how can we help you grow your business?  Join us in being part of the less waste in print solution!

If we don't think it will look good, we literally won't print it. 

If we do print it and you don't like the product, let us know and we will reprint it, refund you or drive across the country for coffee.  Literally whatever we need to do to make it right.

- Promotions Guy

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the Proof is in the Pudding

We like to help as many businesses as we possibly can.

Here's a few that we're happy to have worked with in the past, and we'd be super excited to collaborate with you next!