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what is church merch?

We provide sustainable and high-quality products for churches and religious organizations that effectively align with their mission and, more importantly, align with the Great Commission.

what makes us unique?

We have a saying at Church Merch, "By ministry leaders, for ministry leaders!" In other words, we have pastors and ministry leaders who have come together with the church and religious organizations in mind. This means that we know what you are looking for, and if you can't find it, we will do our absolute best to find it for you!

Because we have the church and religious organizations in mind, we can offer you unique opportunities...

  • Free logo and graphic design

  • Pre-designed logos and graphics

  • Artists standing by to create awesome designs quickly

  • Brainstorm ideas for many occasions (ministry, missions, volunteer gifts, etc.)

  • Same-day quotes, in many cases

  • Quality products with great designs that people want to wear

  • Group fundraiser opportunities

  • 10% off if allowed to place the "Church Merch" logo on your items

  • 10% off of future orders for references 

  • Onsight visit to get a better feel for what you are looking for in your promotional and signage needs

what do we offer?

can't find what you are looking for?

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