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make it better

At Promotions Guy,

we want to do good.

Whether it's the product we put out, or out in the community, we want to do the best we can.

So when we learned about the Allmade brand and how it is a (ridiculously) good shirt, we hopped right on board. We know you can pick any shirt you like, but Allmade is a shirt that goes that extra mile to make the world a better place.

a little about Allmade

A brand of shirts that is wholly committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and child abandonment in Haiti, while reducing our industry’s impact on the environment.


They make high quality, fashionable shirts that are a pleasure to print on and wear, & we love their mission enough to put our name behind them.

Learn more about the Allmade story & see options here.


Official Shirt of Promotions Guy

. . .because we like super soft, eco-friendly, humanitarian shirts

Have doubts about upgrading to a better tee?

Feel free to reach out to a team member & we will hook you up with a free PG/Allmade shirt. We're confident you will love it, and you'll really love a cleaner ocean & families kept together.

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